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About Whitney

Whitney Holz is a proud wife and mother who has dedicated her life to running her home, helping the family business and is now seeking to represent families by running for University Place School Board Position 1.

Whitney grew up in Tacoma and attended schools in both the Tacoma and Franklin Pierce school districts, receiving her AAS from Pierce College. When it came time to settle down with her own family, Whitney, along with her husband​, Kevin, knew that University Place was where they wanted to raise their children due to its excellent schools and educational programs, along with University Place’s community feel.

Concerned by the growing disconnect between legislators and parents on matters of education and parental rights, Holz was a passionate advocate for truth, trust and transparency during the battle over Sex Ed and now seeks to honor her commitment to those three ideals as a parent representative on the U.P. School board. Whitney hopes to use her school board position to bridge the growing divide between the educational goals of Olympia away from reading, writing and math and advocate on behalf of parents whose voices are no longer being heard.

“I have a vested interest in U.P.  With 2 young children, just beginning their educational journey, I would like to plant deep roots into the reason why we moved to U.P. in the first place, which was the schools.”



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